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QR Codes For Marketing


Today QR codes are everywhere and they are used for much more than their original purpose in the vehicle industry. They are used all over the world in retail, entertainment and a variety of other commercial markets. 

Due to the recent rise in the use of smartphone technology, QR codes can be easily placed on products to allow a potential customer to learn additional information in order to make a purchase or communicate with your business.  In this way, QR codes are one of the greatest marketing tools at our disposal today.

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We can show you how to effectively integrate QR Codes into your marketing initiatives.

Try these QR codes!

  Customer engagement 

  Storefront displays

  Supplement your retail space

  Build your email subscriber list

  Promotions, discounts and giveaways


  Product labeling

  To get Likes and Follows

  Drive e-commerce sales

  Generate SMS text messages

  Store directions/locations


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