The Anglum Group . . .

. . . is a consulting services firm comprised of seasoned retail marketing professionals from multiple marketing disciplines all of whom have actual client-side experience and have held senior positions with leading retailers.


. . . was formed in 2004 to deliver a practical and proven approach to achieving success in implementing customer-focused solutions to organizations that desire to move from strategy to effective execution.


. . . consists of team members who average over 15 years of Marketing, Advertising and Technology experience while developing a keen sense for “real world” successful strategies and solutions.


. . . brings a diverse set of backgrounds and experience along with a deep understanding of customer marketing from many perspectives and a unique ability to identify solutions and improvements. 


. . . provides autonomous and unbiased opinions and viewpoints - something we all value.


. . . has efficiently and effectively delivered solutions to big name retailers that aspire to move from hype and potential to actually realizing bottom line results.


. . . is comprised of team members who have worked for retailers such as Best Buy, Radio Shack, The Limited, Victoria’s Secret, Marshall Fields, Target, Blockbuster and PetSmart.  On the service side, we have worked for companies such as Leo Burnett, Ogilvy One, Experian, Acxiom, Providian Financial and Household Credit Services.


. . . is led by company founder and industry expert Tim Anglum. 



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The Anglum Group 


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